One of the favorite and most exciting bets among March Madness fans is predicting the teams that will make it to the Final Four.

Currently, the favorite teams to reach the final leg of the great dance are:

Gonzaga -303
Baylor -278
Michigan -177
Villanova +200

But in this article, we will analyze a team that has lots of potential to reach the Final Four.

This team is not at the top of the odds, which means that it can offer bettor great value.

We are talking about Alabama Crimson Tide +375

Alabama won its 9th conference regular-season title, clamping the No. 1 overall seed, and tied a school record for most SEC wins in a single season with 16.

The team has achieved an outstanding balance between freshman, sophomore, and senior players. For example, Jaden Shackelford (sophomore) is the team’s leading scorer, with 14.4 points per game. While Herb Jones (senior) leads the team in rebounds 6.1, assists 3.1, steals 1.7, and blocks 1.0. Finally, a freshman like Josh Primo contributes 75.6% FT and 38.6 3P%.

The Crimson Tide stands out for a well-structured offense, with good chemistry and a lot of movement. To illustrate, his offense is so intense that he can hit an 8-0 run in 90 seconds.

The roaster has good depth, and the team has improved a lot in defense, something they did not have last year.

Injuries are Alabama’s only problem. Key players like Jonh Petty and Herb Jones have missed several games through injuries. In fact, Herb Jones has had to deal with injuries his entire career, which is why he is a player with a high probability of being absent at an important moment.


Alabama is a team that has broken records this season. And they are looking to make history and win its first SEC Tournament championship since 1991.

The team is one of the most balanced of the entire tournament and has a high-quality roaster. If they can keep their players healthy and injury-free, this is a team that will go far in the big ball.