For all the college basketball fans, the best time of the year in March, since there is a ton of action during the whole month, there is so much to see that is difficult to keep up the pace. So if you want to focus on following the best team, here are our picks of teams to watch:

A longtime favorite of the March Madness party, the Boilermakers main men’s are Dakota Mathias who delivers 4.4 assistance and 11.7 points per game and leading the offense is Carsen Edwars with 17.1 points per game and Isaac Hass with 14.9 points per game. These guys are so good are their job that the team ranks third in offensive efficiency and when it comes to defensive efficiency they rank 14th. The team has a good balance between senior players and sophomores. They outlined the team to beat

The Wildcats have one of the most balanced teams. The combination of Mikal Bridges with 32.2 points per game and Jalen Brunson with 31.8 points per game leads the team offensively with such effectiveness they rank third in field goal percentage and both players are All-American candidates. On top of that Villanova gives away very few possessions and has a good balance between explosive sophomore players like Donte DiVincezo and veterans that already won a previous title.

The Bulldogs may have what it seems like a dark horse in Rui Hachimura this sophomore has 11.2 points per game and is placed in the 5th place of the team offensive ranking, however he has 4.3 rebounds per game (third best of the team) and .590 of field goals percentage, which puts a high expectations on this kid performance during March Madness. Gonzaga roster also has Johnathan Williams with 13.6 points per game and Josh Perkins with 13.0 points per game complementing team’s offensive.