Spring training is underway, which means that a new MLB season is just around the corner.

With a new season, bettors begin to analyze teams to determine who offers value and is a good investment.

For example, in the National League East, everyone’s eyes are on the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.

However, for us, the team to follow in the National is the Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta Braves are going for the fourth title.

The Braves are the National League’s current kings with three consecutive titles, and for many experts, they are the team to beat this season.

Some even say these Braves could rise to the level of those of the 1991-2005 era. Who won 14 division titles in 15 seasons.

For the new season, the Braves have not changed much. The team did not buy free agents or trade many players.

In fact the most relevant movements were the re-signing outfielder Marcell Ozuna and the incorporation of Charlie Morton.

Morton, a 13-year veteran, comes to the Braves with a one-year contract and with a lot of experience to contribute. The player has had back-to-back All-Star appearances. However, 2020 was not one of his best seasons. But in 2019, he recorded career-bests in ERA, innings pitched, and K / 9 while also leading the majors in homers allowed per nine innings (0.7).

For Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos, Morton’s experience can have a huge impact on the team. He stated in an interview with The Athletic:

“I think it’s important to have someone who has that type of experience, I still think there’s value in that in this day and age. I still remember, when I was in Toronto, hearing Roy Halladay talk about the impact Pat Hentgen had on him as a young pitcher. I remember Hentgen talking about the impact Jack Morris and Roger Clemens had on him when he pitched. … I just think those lessons that older players can teach younger players is a real thing. “

In addition to Morton and Ozuna, the Braves also signed Pablo Sandoval as third base option and Jake Lamb.

In a word, the Braves have everything they need to achieve the fourth title, and they are a great betting option in the long term.