August means only one thing for football fans: NFL Preseason. While these weeks are used by coaches to try out players and finish shaping the lineups, it is also a great opportunity for fans to discover which players can stand out in the regular season.

Next, the ones we consider the teams to follow during this preseason:

Cleveland Browns

The Browns come from winning against the Redskins by 30 to 10. Their performance on this game showed a very strong team. The Browns’ key man was Baker Mayfield, who lost only one throw in the entire game and registered 5 for 6 for 77 yards.

The team showed great performance on offense and defense, even coach Freddie Kitchens praised them for this.

While this is just a game, we see the Browns with enough confidence and just a few gaps in their lineup, so they are definitely a team to follow for the pre-season and the regular season.

New England Patriots

Talking about the Pats is almost a cliché, but we can’t ignore the fact that they won their game against the Detroit Lions by 30 to 3 with most of their stars off the field. The young Pats players, some having their NFL debut during this game, showed that the team has an impressive depth, although it is very premature to consider it at this pre-season moment, it seems that the Pats have a place in the Next Super Bowl.

The most prominent men were Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham, the 2 quarterbacks went all out on the field to show who is the best backup for Tom Brady. Hoyer registered 12 for 14 and a few touchdowns passes. While Stidham entered the second quarter and registered 14 for 24 with 179 yards.

The preseason it’s only starting, but we already see that some teams are not fooling around and are ready to fight.