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Since we are based in the Americas and cater to players in the Americas, Live Support is available from 8 AM EDT to 11:59 PM EDT or when the last game is off of the board, as there are usually no major events scheduled outside of these times. Support will always be available at least 2 hours before the first US based sporting event starts, and until the last second half of the day has started. We will try to be there for you after hours if we can, but if you have a question outside of these times and it is not urgent, please contact us back in the morning after 8 AM EDT. The answers to most questions can be found below.


The following Rules and Policies are for users’ protection and benefit. They form an agreement between YouBetOnIt and its members. By using this site, you signify your Agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the site. Please make sure you read and understand the following Terms and Conditions before using your account on this website.


NOTICE: If you would like to open an account to simply look at the lines and/or software, please contact us first for a test login. If your account is not funded within 7 days of opening the account, or at least have a deposit attempted, the account may be closed. If your accounts gets closed for this reason and you would like to open a new account to make a deposit, please contact us back at any time to do so.  Any accounts, automated betting systems, or IP addresses that continually hit our website or negatively impact our operations in any way will be closed immediately.  Our rules conform very closely to those found at Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and are used to protect both our company and you, the bettor.  All rules, regulations, and payoffs listed in this publication are subject to change without prior written notice.  Laws regarding gambling vary throughout the world, and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure he or she understands and fully complies with any laws or regulations relevant in their own countries or states. All clients must be 18 years of age or older in order to place wagers and/or collect winnings. YouBetOnIt reserves the right to void any transactions made by a minor.
Restricted/Accepted Countries: YouBetOnIt accepts customers from North, South, and Central America, but does not accept any customers from Costa Rica or any country outside of the Americas. This means that if you live outside of the Americas or in Costa Rica (either as a citizen, resident, are working in the country with a visa, or live in outside countries or Costa Rica as a tourist), you are not welcome to play at  Accounts from outside of the Americas or Costa Rica (or are being accessed from these countries on a REGULAR basis), will be closed.  Funds will be frozen, and it will ultimately be the management’s decision as to how the account will be dealt with.
YouBetOnIt reserves the right to refuse clients at any time, without cause, and from clientele who reside in states, provinces or countries that prohibit sports wagering, for abusive behavior from the customer towards any YouBetOnIt staff member, or any other reason we see fit. We reserve the right to refuse any wagers for the same reasons, from any client, without cause. YouBetOnIt reserves the right to close a client’s account at any time without prior notification and/or further explanation.  Each client is required to identify himself by his account number and password on each call and each login. The client has sole responsibility for their specific password and account number. Members should keep their account information confidential. Should a member give away, neglect, share, or lose his or her account number and/or password, YouBetOnIt will not be held liable for any claims regarding that account. Contact Customer Service if you have lost your account number or password to receive retrieval instructions, and/or to change your password.  Account balances will reflect any wagers on future propositions or pending wagers.  Customers cannot risk more money than is available in their account.  With the exception of cryptocurrency deposits and payouts, all account balances, transactions and wagers are in U.S. Dollars.  YouBetOnIt does not report any winnings or losses to any government agency.  It is the responsibility of members to report any wagering income to the appropriate governmental agencies.  YouBetOnIt does not withhold taxes.  Customers may only have one and only one account number in their name at YouBetOnIt.  If bonuses are involved, customers may only have one and only one account number per household, email address, phone number and IP address without prior permission from management.  Bonuses will be removed from all unapproved accounts deemed to be from one entity.  Use of multiple account numbers or names in order to receive bonus promotions, referral awards, or exceed limits is forbidden and may result in the forfeiture of all funds received/won as a result of these actions. Management reserves the right to confiscate the bonus, affiliate earnings and/or applied transaction fees in any account(s) deemed to be taking advantage of any of our programs.  YouBetOnIt does not accept wagers from professional gamblers.  We cater to players looking for an enhanced gaming experience and we do not allow wise guy action, syndicate players, arbitrage betting, sharp side movers, originators, players betting only proposition bets or professional card counting.  We reserve the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action. If any of these activities occur, then all winnings will be considered illegitimate and the account will be terminated.  YouBetOnIt is a recreational wagering service and will only accept recreational action and/or players.  We reserve the right to close an account and/or forfeit winnings whenever we have identified any behavior that is deemed ‘non-recreational’.  All deposits are subject to management approval, YouBetOnIt reserves the right to accept, deny or reverse any deposit. All deposited funds must be wagered (played) 1x prior to withdrawal.  The player agrees that their account may be closed and account balances forfeited if such account has been dormant for over 12 months.  This will be true even if such account contains a balance, and/or current and correct information.
Winnings from accounts that are accessed by robots will not be honored.  Any device, whether it is a script, program, robot, etc. that is used to access our website to ‘scrape lines,’ place wagers, or engage in any other automated activity will be viewed as cheating.  This will result in the immediate closure of the account.
The use of phone “spoofing” devices will result in the closure of accounts, and the possible forfeiture all funds, fees, and bonuses. Any device used to block the true identity of the account holder is not accepted.  If you use Skype, we still require a valid landline or cell phone to reach you for verification.  If you would not wish to receive regular phone calls at your listed number after the initial phone verification, we certainly understand.  Please notify us.
The use of IP masking, proxies, or any method that can hide your IP is not permitted. The use of such techniques can result in the forfeiture of any winnings and bonuses. Any method for the purpose of hiding your IP is viewed as a violation of this rule. takes a zero-tolerance stance on “bearding.” A ‘beard’ is a friend or acquaintance or other contact used to place bets so that the bookmaker will not know the true identity of the actual bettor. Only ONE account is allowed per person. Management reserves the right to make final decisions regarding bonuses. Valid identification may be required to claim bonuses in order to prevent abuse of the bonus system. Situations such as multiple customers living in the same house, or people using the same computer will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by management. There is only one voice allowed per account. The account holder must be the only one to call in for bets, payouts, deposits, etc. Management may also suspend internet wagering if the account is suspected to have multiple users. It is always in the player’s best interest to notify the company before such events take place. If it is discovered that an account is actually a ‘beard’ for another player, the account will be closed and winnings, fees, and bonuses will be debited. The deposit may be returned to the beard only after the beard and the true account holder have come forward. Again, any bearding, to abuse bonuses, circumvent limits, or create credit card fraud, etc. will NOT be tolerated. The name, address, phone number, and email of the account holder must be real, verifiable, and belong to the account holder. Customers are responsible for settling all negative accounts. “Ignorance”, “I wouldn’t have made that last bet if I knew my balance would have been negative”, or “It’s not my fault the wager was graded wrong”, will not be accepted as excuses for non-settlement of negative balances. All accounts must have a correct contact phone number listed in their account information on the date(s) of all deposits. All accounts that use the Internet to place wagers or for banking purposes must have a valid e-mail address on file. Management reserves the right to request for identity and/or address verification of an account holder at any given time without prior notice. When accepting and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions at the registration page, you consent that YouBetOnIt may send you information and updates of our products, services, promotions and other important notifications, and you agree to receive marketing and promotional materials via phone, text and email. YouBetOnIt does not charge for any phone, email, or text messaging services. These are all free services paid by us, however, standard carrier charges may apply. We are not responsible for any fees or costs associated with your calling, texting, messaging or internet plan(s). Breach of any of these terms and conditions may result in immediate account closure and forfeiting of all bonuses and/or funds in the account.


Upon acceptance of a bonus, player is deemed to have read and agreed to all terms, rules and requirements listed on this page. Once you have received a bonus, you cannot request a withdrawal until the roll over obligation has been met. Once a bonus has been received it cannot be forfeited by the customer and all terms and conditions regarding bonuses must be followed before any payouts are issued. We reserve the right to take away any bonus, any time, without explanation. If any pattern of “recycling”, “churning” (def. ‘money being withdrawn and redeposit in effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) or “bonus arbitrage” (def. ‘accounts being managed in an effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) is detected, all bonuses and all winnings from said bonuses will be removed from account without notice.

Free play is a separate balance from your cash, that you can use on certain wager types. When you bet free play, the winnings from the wager or wagers go to your cash balance, and the free play amount disappears. Unlike cash wagers, when you win on a free play wager, you receive the winnings from the wager only. Free play bonuses are only to be used on full games or halves, as well as on straight bets, or 2 or 3 team parlays or 2 team teasers. The odds on free play wagers are not to be less than -250 nor greater than +250. Unless authorized by management, any wagers placed outside of these wager types or odds will be canceled and any winnings will be forfeited, and the roll over will still be required to be fulfilled to qualify for a withdrawal. Free plays are only allowed to be used on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, and cannot be used on Casino, Live Betting, proposition bets or horse racing unless otherwise stated by a promotion or authorized by management. All of the same wagering restrictions apply to which wagers count towards the roll over. All roll over requirements must be met by wagering on the four major sports, on lines between -250 and +250, and does not include casino, live betting, proposition bets or horse racing action. See below for more details on roll over. Free play cannot be used to buy points. All bets placed using a Free Play that result in a push or a tie will be considered a “loss” and the free play amount wagered will disappear.

1. Choose the wagering type at the top of the screen. Straight bets, 2 or 3 team parlays or 2 team teasers.
2. Choose the sport you would like to wager.
3. When you type in the amount you want to wager on the wager confirmation screen, you will see a small black box that says “Use FREE PLAY.” Check the box next to “Use FREE PLAY” in order to use some or all of your free play balance.
4. Proceed to place a wager as normal.

Players up on the book or who requested a payout of an equal or greater amount than the amount of deposits will not qualify for loyalty promotions or deposit bonuses until the payout amount is covered in full with deposit amounts. Customers deemed to be bonus abusers will not eligible for bonuses in the future, and all accounts may be closed unless a deposit is made. We allow one free bonus per deposit and customers who try to claim multiple bonuses before any deposit is made will be deemed a bonus abuser.  “Bearding” or opening multiple accounts (see section 2 General Rules and Regulations above) for free bonuses are also deemed bonus abusers and all accounts will be closed unless a deposit is made.  Customers deemed to be bonus abusers are not eligible for special promos or poker tournament bonuses as well. Management reserves the right to refute or retract any bonus at any time to any customer it believes is not eligible to receive such promotions. Management reserves the right to remove a player from a reward program at anytime.  However, you may be welcome to deposit and play at without a bonus.

Cash Back – Receive 10% back based on the sum of all of your deposits for the month!
Free Deposit – After 5 deposits in 1 month, the 6th deposit will be free based on the average amount of the other 5 prior deposits.
Each Player can only choose one of the loyalty programs.  Cash Back and Free Deposit promotions can be claimed when the customer’s account balance is at a “zero balance” and must be claimed the first 7 days of the month. At least 2 deposits must have been made within the prior calendar month, between the first day of the month and the last day of the month to claim the Cash Back bonus.  At least 5 deposits must have been made within the prior calendar month, between the first day of the month and the last day of the month to claim the Free Deposit bonus. Maximum bonus amount is $250 and carries a 20 time roll over.  Both of the loyalty bonuses or any type of comps that we issue have a 5 times max cash out, which is 5 times the amount of the bonus given.  The bonus will be awarded as free play.  The limits on the account may be adjusted to lower limits unless a deposit is made in junction with the bonus.  If the limits are lowered for the duration of the free loyalty bonus, they usually will be raised again once a new deposit is made.  Cash Back and Free Deposit loyalty bonuses are based on losses, and will not be rewarded on funds withdrawn or if a customer has taken more payouts than deposits made.

For every qualified friend referral, you will receive 20% of their initial deposit, added to your cash balance.  This bonus will have a 3 time rollover. Maximum bonus amount on the Referral Bonus is $250.  If the friend does not want you to know his/her deposit amount, it is between management and the new friend referral to decide on the bonus amount.  All friend referrals must have verifiable account information. Simultaneous wagering activity in both accounts will cause for the referral bonus to be forfeited, and both accounts may be closed. When referring a friend, management may or may not need proof of identification to verify that there are two actual customers.

Roll over means you must wager the quantified amount at least that many times before requesting a payout. You do not need to win or lose that amount, simply put that amount into action, or have that amount in accumulated wagers. For example, if you deposit $100 and receive a 100% ($100) free play bonus with an 10 time roll over prerequisite, you would need an amount of $2000 ($100 of the deposit plus $100 of the bonus amount given times 10) or ($100 + $100 = $200 x 10) in action prior to requesting for a payout. The bets are cumulative, so the more you play, the sooner you will meet your roll over and be ready to cash out your winnings! If a bonus is accepted the following wagers count towards the roll over: full game wagers only on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Halves on football and basketball count as well. All roll over requirements must be met by wagering on lines between -250 and +250, and does not include casino, live betting, quarters/proposition bets or horse racing action. Parlays and teasers count towards the roll over. Only wagers placed using the Real Money balance will count towards roll over. Wagers placed using free play will not count towards the roll over wager requirements. When there is action graded as a “Loss,” only the amount at risk counts towards the roll over. No bet/no action wagers will not count towards the roll over. Wagers that result in a termination due to postponed events or the wager resulting in a push or No Action do not count towards the roll over. For roll over determinations, the lesser amount between the risk and the win on each eligible wager is the one that is measured. The roll over on the account is void when both the cash and free play balance is less than $5, and there are no pending wagers. You may willingly forfeit your bonus and cash balance at any time if you would like to remove the roll over form your account to start fresh with a new deposit, with either a new bonus and roll over or no roll over. YouBetOnIt considers wagering on both sides of the game using any form of promotional money (free play or cash bonus) duplicitous conduct. Any money won from playing both sides of the same game will be deducted along with any other promotional money endorsed to the customer and may result in annulment of the client’s wagering account and may also accrue other penalties based on the offense. For this reason, Action Reverse wagers do not count towards the roll over.

Due to popular demand, all holds on deposit base promotions have been removed. Certain contest winnings may have a hold period, but will be clearly explained up front and on our bonuses page:


Normal payout processing times are Monday through Wednesday from 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. If there are any payouts requested outside of these times, the customer will need to contact us back on the following payout processing day to request their payout. Payout requests may be initiated by phone, chat, text, or any other means of contact that we may have, but an official request must be submitted via email to [email protected] and must have the following information: Account number, full name, current and valid phone number, amount requested, method requested, valid government issued ID (see below), and the proper and correct information on where to send the funds. Failure to provide all of the above information may cause a delay in you receiving your funds, so please make sure all the information is included and correct to avoid delays.
YouBetOnIt reserves the right to request proper documentation to verify the account holder’s identity, including a valid photo ID, utility bill, and/or copies of the credit/debit card(s) (if used) before processing a payout. The identification document must be a government issued ID (Copy of driver’s license, state ID or passport). Failure to provide this documentation will result in a cancellation of the request. Customers who deposit and withdrawal strictly via Bitcoin *may not have to submit all documentation. However, in most cases, management will need proof of identification to verify that the customer is over the age of 18, to prevent fraudulent activity or multiple account abuse, prevent beards or bearding, or in cases of referrals and referral bonuses.
All customers are required to complete at least a 1 time roll over of the deposited amount, regardless if a bonus was accepted or not, in order to have a payout processed without incurring a penalty fee. For example, if a deposit of $100 is made, we just ask that our customers wager at least $100. All clients who receive a bonus must complete their roll over requirement prior to a withdrawal request. The roll over is the amount of times a client must play the total amount of the deposit plus bonus. The roll over can only be completed with sportsbook wagers. See Bonuses & Roll Overs section above for more details.
Payouts via Bitcoin will usually be processed within 2-3 business days of the official payout request if requested during standard payout processing times and will be free of charge. If you are not able to receive Bitcoin, and must receive an alternate payout option, there will be a processing fee which is charged by the processing company to send funds this way. Contact us to find out more fast and free options, as well as fast and easy ways to send and receive Bitcoin.
You may request as well as receive one payout per week, and you are able to request an additional payout the following week after your last payout was requested and received. Payout weeks start on Monday. Exceptions may be made on large deposits amounts but needs to be arranged before the deposit is made.
YouBetOnIt assumes no liability for funds once released to the information provided to us via email and received by any monetary transfer agent/agency, institution, or company.


The winner of an event, or game, will be determined on the date that the event is concluded. Most events are graded almost immediately upon completion. Other events require extensive research and language translation to determine a final score. Please call the wagering department at 1-877-991-4649 to report any score of an event you need to have graded. Please include a link or source of the score so we can process your wager(s) immediately. Please note we only use official sites for grading purposes. If a player believes that YouBetOnIt has posted an erroneous line, or time error, the player should notify YouBetOnIt immediately to verify if the line/time is correct. All wagers are final once accepted by YouBetOnIt and confirmed by the player, either over the phone or online. The “READ BACK IS FINAL”. When the betting clerk reads back the wager, and the bettor confirms it with the account number and password, there is a wager. It is the bettor’s responsibility to listen to the read back and correct any errors. The Internet is not a 100% reliable medium and that Internet wagers are not guaranteed. You will not be offered compensation of any nature for any bets that are not accepted by YouBetOnIt’s transaction server, no matter the cause. Wagers are valid when they are accepted by the YouBetOnIt’s transaction server, even if you aren’t issued a ticket number. If you are unsure about the validity of your wager, please review your open wagers or contact our Customer Service immediately. It is important to check your open wagers immediately after placing your wagers. Members are responsible for checking all of their sports and horses wagers in the bet review section.  If a customer believes there has been an error on the grade/scoring of any of the tickets posted in his/her account, the player must submit the request of revision with our Wagering Service Staff within 72 hours of the event in question conclusion. Claims submitted after that period may not be considered. All customers’ accounts are private and confidential, and all calls are recorded on tape and held for disputes for a period of 21 days. All players are to confirm their wagers with the operator at the end of the call using their password when placing wagers over the phone. It is the responsibility of the caller to listen to the read-back from the operator before confirming the wager. If, for some reason, the call is dropped before the process is completed, the wager will be at the management’s discretion. No wagers can be canceled once the caller confirms them and the call is concluded. All wagering disputes shall be resolved by the read-back from the recorded call and shall be ruled final.  All payoffs are calculated on the odds in effect at the time of the wager. All minimums, maximums, and payout prices are subject to change without prior written notice. Overtime periods, quarters or extra innings are counted in the final score when wagering on totals, money line and spread betting unless specified and with the exception of soccer lines including a quote for a draw. When wagering on half-time lines, the over-time period(s) are included as a part of the second half. All period and quarter wagers placed are for that specific period or quarter only. Other sports – All other contests that involve a scheduled length of play time or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for wagering purposes. Winners and losers are official after:
– Soccer: 90 minutes of play – Overtime and/or Penalty shots are not included
– NCAA & NFL Football – 55 minutes of play
– NBA Basketball – 43 minutes of play
– NCAA Basketball – 35 minutes of play
– NHL Hockey – 55 minutes of play
– All other sporting events – 55 minutes of play

With regard to suspended games, protest games, or overturned decisions, we follow Las Vegas gaming rules for wagering purposes. Otherwise we do not recognize suspended games, protests and overturned decisions for wagering purposes. All sporting events must be played on date unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed and/or rescheduled or a there is a change of venue, then that event will automatically constitute “no action,” which means all monies for that event will be refunded (Unless sport specific rules otherwise). All parlays/exotics will be recalculated excluding the leg of the parlay, using payout charts for that sport/betting option. Individual tennis matches have no action if the match is not fully completed due to withdrawal/incapacity or disqualification. If a match is rescheduled due to scheduling and weather problems bad light, etc., then all wagers will have action and all wagers will stand. If a parlay/teaser/if bet contains a selection which is canceled for any reason, the wager will revert downwards. For example, a three team parlay will become a two team parlay. Dates and kick-off times of events shown are for guidance purposes only. Bets will be accepted up to the advertised kick-off time. For any reason a bet is inadvertently accepted after an event or match has started, the selection(s) affected will be made void. With the exception of live wagering, a bet made after an event begins based on occurrences that have developed while in-play, is considered a “past-post”, therefore invalid, and will be handled as blatant theft if it is done intentionally. This applies to both sports wagering and horse wagering. All events intended for in-play offering will be noted as such on the wagering option. In the case of an evident mistake on the posted line, scheduled time, or maximum wager, all wagers will be deemed “No Action” and funds will be credited accordingly. Malfunction (whether on a Website or your equipment) voids all pays and plays. In the case that an odd, line or handicap are incorrect because of an error, mistake or system failure, any wager placed in this line will be automatically considered void. YouBetOnIt reserves the right to reverse the incorrect application of funds into an account due to human or system/software error. Funds that were not intended to be credited into a customer’s account will be reverted upon discovery of the inaccuracy. No player can benefit from wagering on a clear error in our lines, scheduled times or maximum wager limits.  YouBetOnIt will not be liable in the following scenarios:
– In the event of an Act of God, including but not limited to natural disasters, fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, human work action, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance or acts of terrorism, or industrial action of any kind.
– For the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent)
– The failure of YouBetOnIt’s computers, telecommunications or any other data transmission system that results in delays, errors, losses or omissions.
– YouBetOnIt accepts no liability for any damages caused to players by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted online.

For security purposes, we use SSL encryption for all information that passes through our site and servers. See our Privacy Policy. Time Changes and Injury Reports are unofficial and subject to changes. It is a member’s responsibility to question and clarify any event not covered or rules he/she does not understand prior to placing any wagers. YouBetOnIt reserves the right to refuse or limit any bet and to restrict betting on any event at any time without any advance notice (Includes any prop, future or any other exotic wager with no exceptions). It is prohibited to parlay the same team with both the point spread and the money line. Multiple bets including parlays, teasers and if bets or reverses are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another; as these are considered correlated plays. It is also prohibited to parlay, tease, or play if bets with the spread and total of any game where the full game spread is approximately 1/3 of the total for the full game. Wagers over the phone have a minimum of $50, and online limits are much less depending on the account. The maximum wager for straight bets on full games on the major sports depends on the amount of your deposit. Contact Customer Service for more details. The limits for halves and Live In-Play Wagering lines are typically half in the base amount, depending on the amount of the base amount. If you require higher wagering limits than posted on the website, please contact Customer Service. Combining wagers in hookups such as parlays and teasers to go over you allowed wagering limit will be canceled. If this action is placed, accepted, and the wager(s) are graded, any winnings from these wagers will be deemed invalid and removed from the player’s account balance. You may request higher wagering limits by contacting Customer Service, however this is a request and does not always mean that the limits will be raised. Management has the right to refuse or limit any wager, as well as lower limits at any time for any reason. The maximum payout on any wager of any kind is $15,000.
No chip dumping is allowed in the casino. No player collusion allowed.

Action – team against team, regardless of the starting pitchers. When listed pitchers are offered and there is a pitching change prior to the game, the moneyline will be re-adjusted and “action” wagers will be graded using the opening price for the new pitcher. Listed Pitchers – if both starting pitchers are not as specified at the time of the bet, the wager will be deemed “no action”. When listed pitchers are offered, wagers on total runs (over/under) and team totals (over/under) and Run Line (handicap) and Alternate Run Line (alternate handicap) will have no action if a pitcher change occurs prior to both listed pitchers throwing at least one pitch. A pitcher is deemed a starter after throwing the first pitch to the opponent’s first batter. Nevada Gaming Commission rules apply to any wager or discrepancy that are not covered by the house rules and regulations listed above.

YouBetOnIt currently offers Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, Special Teasers, If Bets and Action Reverse wagers. You can find these wagering options along the top of the screen. If you are looking to bet more teams in either parlays or teasers, contact Customer Service and management may attempt to accommodate you.


YouBetOnIt takes clients’ confidentiality and privacy very seriously. We understand that you expect your personal and betting activities to be held in the strictest confidence, so we have designed policies and procedures to prevent misuse of this information. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information collected by us. Any unauthorized use of your information, be it distribution or copying it partially or entirely, is strictly prohibited. YouBetOnIt does not collect personally identifiable information unless visitors specifically and voluntarily provide it. Personal information submitted via our website is used only for communication or withdrawal purposes, as intended by the visitor when submitting the information. As part of the YouBetOnIt account creation process or withdrawal process, we may ask you to provide us with certain personal information, including a name, phone number, postal address, e-mail address etc. proving that you are at least 18 years old or older in jurisdictions in which the minimum age for online wagering services is greater than 18. The name you register with must be your own. The only information stored online is your username, password, and nick name or first name. Even for this, we use up to 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption to ensure integrity and confidentiality of all of our customers’ personal details. This system allows the highest security and integrity for all the information that passes through our servers. These precautions completely prevent access via a third party.

YouBetOnIt does not share personal information with third parties unless it is required for processing related to third party services that YouBetOnIt uses for payment purpose. YouBetOnIt obeys and respects international privacy laws and ensures that personal information is handled with due care as required by such regulations. We take every measure available to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of any information given to us by you. All personal information you provide is private and completely confidential. All information is for internal purposes ONLY. We will never sell or lend your personal information to third parties.

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy and encourage you to periodically review it. If we change our privacy policy we will post the changes on this page. Your continued use of the YouBetOnIt services constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing YouBetOnIt!


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